Korean Zen

Schools & Temples in the Korean Zen Tradition

  • Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple - Still Point was founded by P'arang Geri Larkin (author of several books including The Still Point Dhammapada, First You Shave Your Head, and Stumbling Towards Enlightenment). Still Point is a warm community of humble, funny, tenacious, aspiring Bodhisattvas. This is where I practice.
  • Jogyesa: Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism - Over 1600 temples in Korea belong to the Jogye Order. Founded by Zen Master T'aego, the Jogye Order believes seon (zen) meditation and experiential study provide the best routes to enlightenment.
  • The Kwan Um School of Zen - International School founded by Zen Master Seung Sahn, author of several popular English titles on Korean Zen including Only Don't Know and Dropping Ashes on the Buddha.
  • Buddhist Society for Compassionate Wisdom - Founded in 1967 by Ven. Samu Sunim (my teacher's teacher). Centers in Chicago, Ann Arbor, Toronto and Mexico.

Korean Zen Chant

The wonderful people over at i-Sangha have allowed me to share these Korean Zen chants.

Transliterated text for these chants can be found in the Kwan Um School of Zen Chanting Book and Temple Rules. A nice spiral bound copy of the Kwan Um chanting book can also be purchased online from Dharma Crafts.

Please take note of the file sizes... High speed connection (or great patience) highly recommended.

Learn Korean

  • Let's Learn Korean - Learn Korean in a Collaborative Blog. This blog is much too advanced for me right now but I hope to participate in this at some point.
  • 강미 | Resources for Students of the Korean Language - Kangmi is the Korean name of a westerner who spent a few years teaching in Korea and aspires to develop fluent Korean. The resources page provides a wealth of historical information, dictionary, tutorials, etc.
  • Declan Software's Korean Language Learning Suite - I'm currently using Read/Write Korean to memorize Hangul (the Korean Alphabet) and learn basic vocabulary. Declan Software's language learning tools are user-friendly and effective.

Korean Zen Online

  • Yahoo! Groups : korean_zen - There is not much activity on this group yet, but I'm hoping it will grow.
  • i-sangha.org - I-Sangha is an online sangha... chat rooms, message boards, the works. The forums have topics that cover a broad spectrum, but this is a new community so it will take time to grow. If you aren't practicing with a sangha and want to ask an ordained teacher a question, this is one place you could go.
  • Golden Wind Zen Group - I used to post a link to Ocean Eyes Zen Center because their site had so many great resources on Korean Zen... from RealAudio versions of Korean Zen chants like the Great Dharani and Ye Bul to information on mantras, chant, bowing, and more. OEZC has reorganized and is now the Golden Wind Zen Group and i-Sangha. Enjoy!
  • Martine and Stephen Batchelor, Buddhist teachers - Homepage of Stephen and Martine Batchelor, authors of several English titles on Korean Zen.
  • A History of the Korean Buddhism - Concise.
  • Korea.net Links on Buddhism - Korea.net is an English site on all things Korean. Extensive information about Buddhism in Korea can be found using these links.
  • buddhapia - Comprehensive introduction to Korean Buddhism, Buddhist terminology in Korean, Dharma Talks, Bibliographies, Books, etc.
  • The Flower of Bodhidharma - The drop-down list in the middle of the page provides lots of information of interest to beginners... articles, instruction, definitions, quotes, etc.
  • Wikipedia on Seon - Definition and brief history of the Korean Seon (Zen) tradition.