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Thank you for sharing your thoughts around this. I too have an interest in mindfulness. Unfortunately I'm not what you mean by "pink"?

Any chance of an explanation?


Hello Janet...

Sure, I can expound on that thought a bit... Mindfulness practice is about connecting to whatever is, right now, as it is without anything extra. You aren't trying to change anything... you aren't trying to affirm anything... you aren't trying to transform anything... you are just being with whatever is in the moment.

Think about the pink reference as alluding to walking through life with rose-colored glasses.When you approach life in this way you are adding something extra... coloring over what is there, and perhaps indirectly declaring it as "not enough" through that practice. So what I'm referring to is any attempt to make what is something different...

Hope that helps.

If you want a good introduction to Mindfulness practice I would highly recommend the book Mindfulness in Plain English... or visit a temple or sitting group in your area where there is an ordained teacher who can answer questions for you.


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