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Haju Sunim tells a story often about how her teacher, Ven. Samu Sunim, once was discussing her practice with her. I think she felt distracted because her daughter, Karima, was young and required supervision at times when she felt she should be doing other practice. "Karima IS your practice," he told her.


i've had this book for a few months but haven't cracked it open yet. sometimes there are just too many good books all at once, and i've recently decided to read only one at a time. i am looking forward to it, though...


Ah... another Haju story. Thanks for sharing that Sudo. P'arang had an arsenol of them... every now and then she'd sneak one into her dharma talks.

"Ksanti IS my practice."


andree I have a habit of just picking up books and finding what I need in them... especially with books on Buddhism/Zen... very rarely do I read them in the traditional/linear fashion... but I'm coming to the point where I think your approach (one at a time) would be helpful.


I would love to meet P'arang. Does she ever come around?


Hey Sudo...

I haven't seen P'arang since she hung up her robes and moved out West. If she has been back, I've missed her.

If I hear that she will be around, I'll give you the heads up. P'arang is great. Ksanti and I miss her a lot.

Meditation mike

Very enlightening post, as a man i will unfortunatley never completley understand the joys of being a mother.

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I just ran across your blog today! Wonderful to meet you! Looking forward to more.
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