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patry Francis

I've found this so helpful that I've returned to read it twice. Now I think I may have to print it out. Makes me feel like I might be able to have a sane life after all.


I too found this so helpful!


Chalip, wonderful set of guidelines/encouragements! Thanks for posting them. I really like the simple/diligent living encouragement, and the one on enlightenment. I'll be revisiting an old post on enlightenment and this note here hits right where I want to go.

Thanks again, and good luck in your going for formal student status at Still Point!



That was truly amazing. I know it wasn't anything uncommon or unfamiliar to those who have studied and practiced virtually any of the paths of the Dharma, yet its style, its generous simplicity and forthright elegance, somehow transforms these basic elements of Buddhism into an inspirational exhortation.

Thank you for sharing. I think I might have to share it with my readers as well. I presume I should credit Stillpoint?

Thanks again.


D'oh, I meant the Maiterya Budhist Seminary. LOL. So much for minfulness :o)


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It's been almost a month and I'm just now responding to some comments here. Sorry for the delay, people...

These admonitions continue to inspire me. I haven't had the space to write much about it yet, but I hope to some time in the future.

patry, Nacho, Mermaid, tinythinker... I'm glad you've found this helpful as well.

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