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i especially like the idea that "expectation is just another form of craving." i never thought of it that way, but that is so true. i wish you well in your endeavor to forgive. i admire your self-awareness and your dedication to the bodhisattva path.


Thanks for the link to the Guide.


haiku... Thanks. That "expectation is just another form of craving" is up for me right now... it is something that I just have to accept... even though I don't always want to :)

and g... You're quite welcome.


Thanks for the timely reminder. I've been struggling with this, myself. I didn't get a position at work that I expected, and I've been passive aggressive and sulky about it for weeks, tho I knew it was damaging. Thanks for the light.


Gina, Hello.
Yeah, sometimes we just have to get off it. It feels good (to a point) to be passive aggressive and sulky sometimes... but only for a little while... then it gets boring and we get sick of ourselves. At least that's how it happens for me.
You're welcome.

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