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angel v. shannon

Ultimately, I guess that really is all that we can do, especially to save ourselves and our minds from the madness around us.

In metta,



Angel! I think you're right... Sometimes I wonder about my response to the world. Am I too passive? Could I be doing more? Maybe I can just sit with the fact that sitting and chanting is a response... perhaps not the most engaged, but still a compassionate response.


Isn't that just how it goes though? Faced with these kind of senseless acts, we question our response to the world, what we can do. Often I find people do quite a lot, in gentle ways, in subtle ways, in attitude and disposition also, and quite importantly in facing this kind of suffering, even if we don't know how to respond to it immediately. My mind turns toward fear in such cases. It is numbing to think about the amount of fear that can lead to people killing each other on the basis of religiosity, or other tightly held belief that is found threatening. As you say, it is hard to wrap our heads around this. But we feel this with our whole bodies. These kinds of acts are like body blows to our whole dharma body, thus I think chanting and practicing are ways to heal our body, to take care of the energy that arises, and to let other alternatives for action ferment. Thanks for the post Chalip.

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