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i know what you're saying. and with all of today's overload, it gets that way sometimes. take the time you need. we'll be here.

in peace & freedom,


Good for you! I'm trying to make space to retreat myself. My group Great Tree has just purchased a property for monastic practice and the years of work we had to do to get here has been so exhausting and so full of dukha that it was hard to remember our intention at times. It will be great to finally be able to focus on shikantaza (just sitting) again. Have a good retreat.


Angel... thanks for the sentiment! Overload has been a big part of my life this year... Learning to put things down and work through the stress of overload has been a huge lesson for me. The journey continues...

Chimyo... how exciting to see years of hard work coming to fruition! What I'm learning is that no matter what is happening, we can always create space for shikantaza. As for me, I just have to carve it out... and I find that it does help to alleviate (even erase) whatever dukkha I am mired in. Best of luck to you and your Sangha!


Oh my!!

How I wish I could do that!!


Non_Plussed... welcome!
My question is, why can't you? I don't ask in that judgemental "looking down my nose at you" sort of way... but as a casual inquiry. Why can't you? What stops you?

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