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I am glad things are going better for you. Bully supers are the worst. Thanks for the new word to add to my vocab. Peace. ~Amadeus

Mermaid Chica

I am glad things got better too. What kind of work do you do? Do you have some time and space of your own to decompress when things get hairey?


Like so many other bloggers out here, I work in IT. And I'm learning to create time and space to decompress when things get hairey... Like Amadeus said, bully supers are the worst... It's hard when you feel that your very livelihood could be on the line... Hard when you have to deal with constant daily abuse.


I once worked with a gentleman (and I use that word completely with regards to this person) who was mentoring me in both marketing (which I now work in) and management (which I will someday, perhaps, aspire to). He told me that there is no acceptable reason for employees to feel in danger at work. Belittling, badgering and berating employees does nothing for morale, productivity and ultimately the company will suffer for it. This same gentleman actually removed a Vice-President of the company based on the fact that the staff were completely terrified of him.
Sounds like you've got some good things coming to you - glad to hear it!

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