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Monday, 08 June 2009


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i would absolutely participate again. that is, if i weren't expecting a baby...

i think you've done an amazing job at hosting this cycle. i would certainly not have been able to do what you've done here. this may not be a useful comment, but i can't think of any way things could have been done differently that would improve on the way you've done them.

i think there are several or even many people following the cycle who do not check in often, or at least who do not comment. while i fully understand their quiet position, it would have been nice to have a bit more discussion. i don't see how you could arrange for that, though. your weekly question is a good idea (and well done), even if some may be intimidated by posting their answers to the check-in. or like me they don't have answers every week.

i do remember you saying that it has been difficult to post every day. i would think so! i also remember reading near the beginning of the cycle that you may not have a post every day. just so you know, from my perspective it would have been fine if you'd taken a day (or two) a week or just a day once in a while not to post anything.

Andree... Thanks so much. I will say more later but I'm tired now and off to bed.

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