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Tuesday, 03 March 2009


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1/2 hour completed this morning before seven... yay!

Before I did my meditation I did my physical therapy (ankle strengthening) and my daily sit ups - I stretched a teeny bit after that, but I stopped because I tend to find stretching a lot more rewarding in the evening. In the morning I never feel even the slightest bit flexible. Maybe I should just warm up more?

When I got up after my meditation, my ankle was all pins and needles - and then I read this post and laughed at its appropriateness to my situation. I think I just need to work on my posture a little every day. For instance, yesterday my lower back was feeling stressed out, so today I sat on a pillow and had my legs (crossed indian style) a little below my butt, and that seemed to help my lower back a lot. I still have some issues with my shoulders, but I think that will work itself out as I learn to relax them more (both in meditation and on my road bike, where I think the real issue comes from).

Now, because I woke up late and decided to do my meditation anyway, I'm a little late for work - but I'm glad I meditated, it went well this morning (and work isn't a strict schedule, so it's not a big deal). Thanks for the motivation!

Physically, I have a difficult time sitting on a mat and cushion. I'm a pretty big guy, and sitting in traditional postures doesn't work well for me. I'm also a bit pigeon-toed, which seems like it doesn't help, but who knows, maybe I'd have problems anyway. At any rate, my legs get very painful most of the time with a mat and cushion...ranging from irritating tingling and numbness to flat-out on-fire and panic. So, most of the time I just sit in a chair and do the best I can. I am quite bothered by this when I'm at temple, though. I prefer to be on the floor with the other members of my sangha. I feel isolated and a bit embarassed that I use a chair. I'm perfectly aware of this hang-up, but awareness of it hasn't kept it from causing me grief yet. :)

I do have the idea that the seiza position might work well for me, but my weight doesn't allow me to do it for long...I'm just too heavy on my legs and they end up hurting. So, perhaps I should investigate a seiza bench, which I could place on a mat.

Hello Maggie & Sudo...

Thanks for checking in...

I think gentleness is important while establishing a meditation practice.

It is ironic that you mention having a difficult time sitting on a mat and cushion Sudo because I was just asking myself about that yesterday.

Some yoga practices encourage the use of props to assist you until your flexibility increases and you can proceed without them. Somewhere along my yoga journey I picked up on the fact that you can sit very comfortably on a yoga brick (at least I can). I started to wonder yesterday... am I attached to my zafu and zabuton? If I can sit with less strain on a yoga brick, wny do I insist on sitting on my zafu for my "formal" practice period?

Still mulling it over...


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