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Saturday, 07 March 2009


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1. More often than I did the week before (I missed Friday, oops!)

2. So far, my meditation is unchanged, although I'm more calm when I notice my mind is in a completely different place than I want it to be and I'm thinking about the clock less.

3. Not really sure. I'm in the very beginning phase of my meditation practice, so everything is still very new to me.

4. I had a friend come for the weekend, and I hadn't done my meditation on Friday morning, and I completely missed Friday and only did a short meditation on Saturday.

5. I'll try to wake up earlier so I can complete my meditation before going to work. That way I'll have fewer time related excuses for not meditating.

6. Different approaches to meditation - breath work, mantras, meditating on a concept, walking, etc.

Heh. I *want* to be into journaling. But I'm not. I do see my life as being worth recording. I also see the value in writing stuff down in the sense that it allows experiences to steep in you. However, I have struggled to develop a journaling habit of any kind. I've lost count of how many times I've started and stopped. But that's a subject for a different blog, I guess. :)

1) Every day. Some days more than once. On Wednesday and Sunday when I went to temple, I participated in multiple sittings.

2) I'm noticing that daily checkins here on the site and being part of this virtual practice group really seem to motivate me. I am energized about my practice and excited about going for 108 days.

3) If I had to use one word to describe my feelings or my approach to practice this past week, it would be enthusiastic. If I could say more, I would say: At this point, seven days straight of meditation is the longest I've gone, so I'm into new territory here....pretty nifty. :) Good start at making a lasting meditation habit, I'd say.

4) Physical stuff, which I've kinda mentioned in previous posts.

5) I'm going to earnestly work with the body this week.

6) Like Maggie, I want to know more about different meditation practices.

Hey, Maggie... Thanks for sharing. It is okay that you missed Friday. No one is going to give you a public flogging for it. ;)

My Reflections on Week One:

1. I sat every day this past week.

2. I'm noticing how important care of the body is to my practice. I've brought a lot of judgments about my body with me to meditation practice... judgments about the extra weight I'm carrying, thoughts about what that means, assumptions about what my body can and can't do because of the weight or the particular health challenges I'm having. I'm also noticing how much I've wanted to separate my body from my mind in order to "get through" meditation practice... as if I could.

3. Diligent. Because I can't remember the last time I sat seven days in a row, I wasn't sure how I'd fare this week. I find that I'm at a point with my practice that I just really want to do it consistently.

4. I am trying to do two things at once... wake up early enough to get my practice in in the morning before work and the obvious... sitting every day. I have been trying to get up at 5:00 every morning because I need that hour before I get my daughter up and the morning routine ensues. I got really tired towards the end of the week.

5. I will try not to linger in bed when I'm feeling tired... I'll get to bed a bit earlier when I need to and get enough rest.

6. I can't think of anything in the moment... I just want to keep going.

i'm late responding to this, but i don't think it makes much difference. i'm about four days behind you anyway :)

as i think i've mentioned here, i made the commitment to myself about six weeks ago to sit at the altar every day. but with the more formal arrangement here with you all, the commitment has kind of changed. i am still doing daily bardo thodol readings for a friend's friend who recently died, and working on the preliminary practices for the school of buddhism i adhere to, but i am now also devoted to a minimum of 20 minutes (it's usually more like 30) of silent sitting meditation, whereas before, that part of my practice had become far less frequent than daily.

i do my meditation in the evenings. it is not ideal to do so, but with an 18-month-old daughter who doesn't always sleep through the night, it's what works best for my family.

1. every day

2. i'm noticing, still, that meditation is hard! but it gets easier, in time, especially if you consider that it's getting easier when you're just going easier on yourself. i've been noticing what contributes to a difficult session, and what helps it go smoothly. and also that i still judge myself and my meditation a lot. and that discipline in daily life is so, so much helped along by discipline on the cushion.

3. one word? easier. at some point, i just stopped having to make efforts to sit. i really want to. i think it happened before i joined you here, when i convinced myself for a few sessions to sit for just a couple of mantra recitations, and ended up staying half an hour each time.

4. mind racing on and on and on and on... difficulty settling, especially at first.

5. this week, i'll try to get to the cushion a bit earlier and do some cooling down things, like purification mantras or chakra work.

6. oh my, i could list a thousand things i want to know more about. at the moment, i'm working on untangling some of the dzogchen view of the mind, and trying to find innovative ways to increase compassion in my heart. i'd like to know about the reflective quality of mind. i'd like to know if meditation is something that comes very naturally to some people or if it takes this much work even for reincarnated masters. and lots of other stuff.

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