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Friday, 06 March 2009


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in regards to yesterday's post, i go through frequent periods where physical tension is a problem during meditation, especially in the face. i'm also halfway through my second pregnancy right now, so backache creeps up sometimes, too.

i really appreciated the quote you posted today, chalip. i was not able to read the whole article, though. i'm intrigued by the idea that "the body is the ideal mirror for discovering... “not self” (anatta). i think i will spend some time tonight looking for that part of me in my mirror :)

(by the way, there are times when it helps me mentally to keep my eyes closed, and times when it's more helpful to have them open. i have also been trained in tibetan-style meditation, so i keep my hands folded one in the other, palms up, in my lap, rather than on my thights. i think if it works for you, go with it, staying open to change.)

Hello andree...

This is an amazing article. I'm going to post more snippets from it/reflections on it next week so even if you don't get around to reading the full text you'll get more out of it.

Eyes open or closed... There are arguments in favor of each. I'll probably post a bit more on this in the future too.

I'll bet we could find these Six Points of Posture described differently by six different teachers. They aren't guidelines for how you should be sitting... so much as a list of points in the body to pay attention to when you are sitting.

Ah, pregnancy. It has been a long time since my own... over 12 years now. I remember the backaches among other things... especially the morning sickness and feeling like I was living in the bathroom. ;)

Congratulations! How far along are you?

thanks, chalip. i'm just into my 22nd week of pregnancy. i've been pretty fortunate not to have many symptoms either time.

i just wanted to note that i looked in my mirror for a long time, and could not find a place where my self abides. what a great teaching.

What a great article, chalip. Thanks for posting it. I will be going back to it over time to remind myself of how to deal with my body when I sit. Funny that these issues came up recently in interview with my teacher. I didn't understand at the time what she was advising me to do. I think I get it now. I will definitely practice sitting with my body and try not to worry if I'm experiencing one thing or another physically. I have been worried off and on that I don't get past those sensations to really deal with "mind". I can see how watching them and being mindful of them *is* dealing with mind.

Also, I noticed that article has one of best summaries I've ever read of the Four Noble Truths.

Good stuff!

Me too. Glad you enjoyed it, Sudo.

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