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Thursday, 05 March 2009


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Thanks for the reminders. Very good to check against them periodically.

Thinking about the six points of posture in reference to Day 3's question, here are some of my thoughts or observations I hadn't though about at the time.

I personally have difficulty keeping my eyes open and concentrating sometimes. Yes, closing them sometimes gets me to the edge of sleepiness. However, I feel I can really focus on my breath and reallllly be with it when my vision input is not competing for my attention.

Also, sometimes I have a lot of discomfort and difficulty breathing through my nose. I get stuffy easily and often. I also feel the urge to swallow and clear my throat a lot. This might be seasonal and I haven't really notice the pattern yet.

Huh. That's a little different than I heard. Not that I've heard too much, being a total newbie. The little intro to meditation video I watched seemed to think that the 'seat' should tilt forward. They also directed the meditator (it being a beginning meditation video) to close their eyes, which I think I will continue doing. I can't imagine trying to meditate with my eyes open yet.

I need to remember to keep my torso held well. I'm very bad at this in general, and meditation is no different.

Also, I didn't chime in yesterday, but I want to say that I enjoyed that article. Thanks for posting it!

You're welcome, Maggie...

I just added this to another comment but I'll repost here:

Eyes open or closed... There are arguments in favor of each. I'll probably post a bit more on this in the future too.

I'll bet we could find these Six Points of Posture described differently by six different teachers. They aren't guidelines for how you should be sitting... so much as a list of points in the body to pay attention to when you are sitting.

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