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Wednesday, 04 March 2009


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hello everyone. i hope i'm not too late to join you in this endeavour. i have read this whole blog and would like to participate if there are no objections.

i fit the description, chalip, of the 3rd situation listed in your first post here. i have a solid practice established already, but would like to take on this commitment in addition. i am also glad to find others who are doing so, as i haven't connected with a sangha since i moved overseas.

i wanted to also thank you for today's post. when i read your simple question from earlier, namely "what is meditation?", the answer for me was that sitting meditation has two aspects. one is purposely resting the body, speech, and mind in the present, without elaborating as we do so often off the cushion. the other aspect is becoming familiar with our own nature, without attaching any particular purpose to the process of familiarization that happens naturally.

i'm pleased to (virtually) meet you all.

Welcome, andree!

*hapchang and a bow* to you.

andree, we are happy to have you join us. It is never too late to join in. Welcome.

For those who may not know, the word "hapchang" posted by Sudo is used in Korean Zen temples to refer to hands pressed together at the heart center. I can't call to mind the equivalents in other languages right now but if they come to me I'll come back and update this comment.

Interesting to think about the mind as hard dry soil and meditation as the tilling or watering of it. Sudo is my Dharma name. It means "Cultivation of the Way". Perhaps this is a useful metaphor. :)

That is a great name, Sudo.

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