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Monday, 30 March 2009


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This is a very good question.

My counting practice during meditation is to silently count the out breath from 5 down to 0. When I am too distracted and keep getting lost in thought and can't seem to get any traction with counting, I do one of two things that seem to help:

1 - I include the word "and" on the in breath which sort of fills in the gap a bit and seems to connect the out breaths in a helpful way. I use it only when it seems like I need to, but I have found it really helps. So, like this: fiiiiivvvvvveee, and foooouuuuurrrrrrr, and threeeeeeeeeeee, and twwwoooooooooo

You get the idea. :)

2 - The other thing I do when my mind is running wild is I chant the refuges silently to myself. This also seems to help alot.

Once I feel more stable I return to my regular practice.

These tricks don't always work, but sometimes they prevent me from hanging out with my thoughts for too long or as often. I'm looking forward to what Cheri has to say.

And what do you all do about this issue??

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