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nice to see you back and blogging. Out of curiosity, I wonder which animals would represent generosity, kindness and wisdom?

brian j. davidson

How can we work with Generosity to transform Craving? Wisdom to transform delusion? Kindness to transform aversion?


Thanks, jackdaw.

Interesting question... I'm not quick enough right now such that something just rolls off the keyboard but here's a stab at it.

Generosity = the Rooster... who selflessly wakes up day after day at the break of dawn and rouses the troops. That's generosity... to man the post and never sleep in.

Kindness = the Horse... who takes all your weight on its back and doesn't complain. That's really nice.

Wisdom = the Turtle... who takes her time and doesn't get caught up in the frenzy... and looks like she's always engaged in walking meditation.

brian j. I'm thinking about your questions and I think they deserve more reflection. My short answer follows but I might just do some research/reflection and say more later.

When you are giving to someone, you focus your attention outside of yourself. You attune to someone elses need and commit to providing something of value to them. I don't think you can do that... have that level of attention placed outside of yourself and still be ensnared by craving.

Wisdom/Delusion... that is more tricky to me... because how do you know when you are wise? It could be easy to think you are wise and be deluded at the same time.

I think of aversion as being cocooned in a shell, isolated, alone. You must be kind to get through the cocoon... you must be kind to yourself. Kindness can be infectious... it makes you feel good and thus you want to continue to be more kind. It brings joy and contentment... so I think one kindness builds upon the next (almost guarantees it).

My 2 cents for whatever its worth...


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