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I can't tell you how much this piece resonates with me. I took a week off to do just that - my chores - in a slow and non-stressful pace. Well, my vacation is over and my chores still undone. I did spend a lot of time looking at my resistance. I have taken away from all of that time to do stuff the realization that I DO have time to do these things, even in the midst of a work-a-day week. If I pay attention to the people and things I am interacting with, the "chore" of caring may become just taking care of what surrounds me. Thanks for this piece. It's widened the lens through which I'm now looking at my life.

Barry Briggs

Dear Cha Lip,

How are you? A couple of months ago I began publishing my own blogs. Because you and I both practice in the Korean Zen tradition, I thought you might be interested in them.

And, if you do find them interesting, I'd appreciate it if you put links to them on your site.

(I tried sending you email about this but the message got returned. Sorry for using a comment for this info!)

Best wishes in the Dharma,

Barry Briggs
Kwan Sam ("Perceive Three")

This is the main blog. I post 5 days a week on a variety of topics

This blog collects interesting and usually obscure koans/kong-ans.

This blog catalogs stories of female Zen practitioners in Tang Dynasty China. There aren't many such stories but I'm trying to aggregate them all in one place.

Paul Lynch, JDPSN

hey sister, this is your old friend from Ocean Eyes Zen Center, may you be blessed and please come back and tell us all how your are doing.

dochong, jdpsn

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