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but it is only the mind making all this noise. unfortunately,the mind does that. we don't have to listen or take it seriously though. do we?


Hi there ... I was 'amused' when reading this post today .. as I've been feeling for quite some time that my desire to spin out words about what I experience is perhaps an expression of a pattern of retreating into the conceptual at any opportunity. I've hardly blogged over the last year as a result. Something told me to let go of that and go a bit deeper. Then perhaps the time will come for expression again.

Well, just to say that I've enjoyed reading your expression on your blog very much .. thanks for sharing :-)



Hey Clif... Chodpa...

This sounded perhaps more defeatest in tone than I wanted it to... You're right, cliff... it is only mind... that was the realization. It was, I think, a somewhat sad realization in the moment... I felt a sadness about all of the mental games, all of the time wasted.

I continue to listen to The Power of Now... it has been a rare gift... a book that can propell you into an experience.

angel Shannon


hello !!
i haven't read Power of Now yet but i am listening to the audio of A New Earth. have you read that one yet?


Hey Angel!

No, I haven't read A New Earth yet. A dear friend of mine finished it recently and had a lot of positive things to say about the experience.


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