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Nyaze Vincent

Sharing your weight makes mine easier to bear. Thank you.


Thanks for saying so, Nyaze...
I'm famous for whining and complaining on my blog. I worried that this post might come off that way and read like a "turn off" but that wasn't my intention.

Honestly, in just writing it some of that weight lifted, and I did enter the next day feeling much lighter than I did.

What I learn through Buddhist study and practice is that we all suffer. We may judge our responses to our suffering as I sometime do... call it whining and complaining... but it is still that experience... that dukkha... that unsatisfactoriness that Buddha was pointing to all those years ago.

When we can experience for ourselves that it's not just an ego experience... when we can experience for ourselves that we live in a world with countless beings who suffer just as we do, it can be comforting. Not because they suffer... but because we are not alone.



Oh... and hey Yaze (now that we've been acquainted...)

Dig the myspace page.

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