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First, I love your blog and you do so much to give us dark-skinned Buddhist hope and encouragement in practice. I am currently undergoing lots of criticism and hostility from family, so your gentle words are of great help.

You tied the Dhammapada "Fool" passage in so well with the story of Detroit. It seems that more and more these days, people are waking up to what's really going on with our so-called "leaders". I can't help but to believe that corruption, scandal and lies are all inherent problems with positions of power. What is the point of this pursuit of power anyway? It boggles my mind. It's hard to see why more people don't want to be simple, compassionate beings who are not after riches. Our very survival depends on it.

Keep bringing the truth and I'll keep consuming it. Metta!

Rinchen Gyatso

Amen, Dharma Sister. The key is to bring the Dharma to society without letting our egos get in the way. If you are able to teach, teach because sentient beings need to hear the Dharma, but watch out for thoughts like, "I'm teaching Dharma so why don't I get the respect I deserve?" Lack of humility leads to all sorts of problems.


Hey Dharma Kid...
Keep that chin up brotha. And keep blogging. I'm still behind on reading all of your posts, but I'm enjoying them.

Family is family. Family members can get under your skin like no one else on the planet, and often you will feel that if you weren't born/adopted into the family you are in, you wouldn't even know most of those people. But ultimately, they love you and want what's best for you. It's not bad to have people who love you and want what's best for you in your corner... even when they are worrying over your lost soul (which can be annoying, I know...). Just love them back. They are an occasion... an opportunity for you to really dig in to this practice you've discovered.

And to Rinchen Gyatso. Wow, that's the first official Amen I've ever gotten on my blog. That made me smile.

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