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I feel no outrage. The belief by Christians that theirs is the One Way is well known to me. [I was raised in Tulsa, home to Oral and Richard Roberts.]

The clip from the transcript that you show of Deutsch's MSNBC show was shown on CNN and I didn't get why anyone's upset. What Coulter said is very much in line with what Christians are taught, and that is not prejudice. It is part of their deep desire to convert others, to save them from hell, and bring them to heaven.

Coulter's "problem" is Judaism, not Jews. Christ is The Way.


Also, Coulter went on to say, something to the effect that, the New Testiment was the rest of God's Words that Judaism doesn't believe. If believers in Judaism believed the whole of the Word of God, rather than just the Old Testiment, then they'd be perfected.

I see nothing surprising or offensive in that sentiment. Of course, Coulter and other Christians don't believe we Buddhists are going to get to heaven. We, too, fall short of the bar. We, too, need to be perfected in our beliefs.


Hello Tom...

I do agree with what you are saying... And if Coulter was a religious leader making these statements, I suppose there would be no need for controversy at all.

I think Mitch's point, and the point of others who are bothered by statements like this, is that people who stand up to speak to issues that are American and not religious (as in the arena of politics) should probably avoid making statements that suggest that Americans should be Christain.

Unlike Mitch and others, I don't think the statements were antisemetic. I do think they are anti-American. I think they are statements made by a person who wants her country to be more reflective of herself and her views.

I think those are careless pronouncements when you live in a country (and claim to work for the betterment of a country) whose ideologies are rooted in freedom.

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