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Three months. Don't worry about the three after that, or about next year . . .

"How do you establish a practice routine that doesn't get blown away when your life gets turned upside down?" When the alarm goes off in the morning, get up.

Three short months.



Thanks Koho.

For anyone in the world who doesn't know Koho, he's the guiding teacher at Still Point. Great guy. Funny. All that...

If you don't live in Metro Detroit, every now and then you can read one of Koho's dharma talks on the Still Point website. ( http://www.stillpointzenbuddhisttemple.org )

Koho is a good teacher for me because he is not interested in any of my BS (at all) and will snap me back to reality when I need it.


just do it today, this day. that is what i do. today is all there is so don't worry about another three months.
my noisy alarm clock helps too.


Hi Cliff...
My noisy alarm clock does absolutely nothing for me. I can ignore it as easily as I ignore anything else I don't feel like being bothered with.

Truth? I'm avoiding practice. I say I want to break through but maybe it is just talk. Maybe I don't want to be present to life because life isn't giving me what I want lately. Today I think if I sat still for five minutes I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my breath because I'd be crying too hard.

Yuck. Didn't feel good saying it but that's what's up right now.

angel Shannon

I am writing down your six tenets and pasting it above my desk as a reminder.

Nothing but the truth!


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