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Congratulations! Well-deserved, if I may say so. And remember - if the glare of the spotlight gets too much, you can always close your eyes...

Good luck with the transition, wherever it takes both you and Zen Under the Skin.




Congratualtions :)

I'm trying not to copy Will, but he's right - a very well deserved win.

May you, and your blog both find the direction you're looking for.

Best Wishes

Tom Armstrong

Not meaning to ape Will and Gareth, but I congratulate you, too, chalip!

Your should know, chalip, that your blog was selected for the top award for the reasons given in the announcement. Getting you to come out from under your rock was very much not in the realm of consideration, but it is a welcomed benefit.

I hope that whatever changes you make to ZUtS, you will continue to blog and enrich and care about the Buddhoblogosphere.

Bill Gardner

Your writing is wonderful. Congratulations.


I usually just hideout and read but I wanted to say that sometimes the things we do have profound results even if it's something simple. I can't tell you how happy I was to find you and your blog. Your award(s) is well deserved =D

her soledad

Congratulations to you!


Thanks people. Strange that I've been away from the blogosphere for so long. I appreciate your comments and congratulations. I guess we'll all see where this thing goes next.

Tom, a friend of mine told me after reading this that I'm not good at just saying "thank you"... She even sat at my dining room table and quoted one of my favorite writers on the subject... Natalie Goldberg... . How dare she.

So, I'll try again. A genuine thank you. It has been fun being on this journey with all of you.


Can we link exchange?



Smile - what can you say - it must be your your wheel, rotated now such that your ego is in contact with the physical. Enjoy of course, be in the moment, but don't forget how cozy and warm that sixth sense can get when fanned by a warm breeze.

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