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Bill Gardner

If it's any help, I have been using David Allen's Getting Things Done for about two years. It's made a big, positive difference for me.


This is so true and it definately applies to me as well. I must admit that I have gotten better about sleeping when my body tells me to sleep and that's a big thing for me. Most of us in the western world are cultured to believe that sleep is synonymous with laziness, nonproductivity, etc. We think that we are "missing out" or "neglecting" some greater responsibility by simply taking to our beds for rest. We do not make the obvious connection between rest and rejuvenation. We say it but we hardly see the connection. Understanding the "siesta" that people in many other countries engage in on a daily basis has helped me to value my rest in a new way, but what I still need to work on is getting past the initial guilt I feel as I pull up the blanket, the feeling that my novel won't get done or the project I'm working on won't materialize.

Also, I think we live so much by comparison -- we want to get 'such and such' done because we feel like failures if we don't and at the root of feeling like a failure is the comparison of "what I'm doing" vs. "what others have done or are managing to get done." I think when we live by our own markers we are far less likely to feel that sense of non-accomplishment.


Rex H.

I'm glad I found this site. I will be checking it regularly


Beautiful quote and timely inspiration.
Thank you for your generous website and creativity.

I am curious, who is the author of the book you mention, Achieving Balance.
I would really appreciate learning more about this book.

thank you,



On one hand I hate to burst your disillusional bubble; on the other hand you need to be really congratulated and admire if you can find peace in the world of today and still be productive if you are Black. Here are some truth, there are half man-half beast monsters who task it is to deprive people of their soul(mind)and to pervert it;they may do this with a smile and wink. It is part of the law and nature in which they are made. See www.pyramidoftruth.com and listen to pyramid of truth at www.live365.com


Bill, thanks for the suggestion. I might just check it out. Truth be told, though, I have plenty of time management resources on hand. The challenge is putting them into practice consistently.

Angel, I think you touch on a really important point. The day you posted your comment, a girlfriend of mine was talking about how guilty she felt for just chilling out and watching TV (almost) all day long. I'm also with you on comparisons. That guilt comes from somewhere... it's not that we feel bad for sitting down... we feel bad for sitting down when so-and-so is standing up, or running a marathon.

Rex, thanks for the sentiment. I hope to see you around.

Michael, Achieving Balance was a pamphlet/book published by Franklin Covey in 1999. It doesn't have an ISBN. It contains a series of questionnaires, quotes and worksheets designed to help you create ways to incorporate renewal into daily life. It's based on the 7th Habit (from the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People).

NEBANKH, thanks for stopping by. You are entitled to your opinions. I'll just say I disagree and leave it at that.


Lovely site. I feel guilty if I'm doing "nothing" - It's hard to convice yourself that rest and sleep is actually something wothwhile! If you try and get more than 7 hours sleep someone tells you you are lazy and if you stay in and watch TV people tell you you are boring!

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