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I am not sure if it is grasping to want to see a cure for AIDS in your lifetime.

There are many kinds of suffering. Conventional healing may not lead directly to enlightenment - but it can be a compassionate action that relieves suffering, and it can extend lives, andmake them more peacfull, and give people a greater chance to find and practice dharma.

World AIDS Day barely made a dent on the national press here. Thank you for these posts.


Hey Gareth...

A few companies and organizations had bracelet and pin campaigns... some major cities had walks... but were it not for the blogging community I wouldn't have heard much about it either.

I was watching an old episode of Fraiser yesterday... Niles Crane was upset because he wasn't being invited to the A-list parties since his divorce. He made a comment about the B and C list fundraisers being the ones for "last year's diseases". It reminded me of something J said in a previous comment about AIDS no longer being en vogue.

It's sad how little attention World AIDS Day is getting. I guess if the media won't jump on the bandwagon, it's up to the rest of us.



I think you're right, I've just read J's comment and it seemed to strike a chord.

The media are constantly looking for something new, they seek the short term sell.

But we must not close our eyes to suffering wherever it occurs.

Lest we forget.

Thank you again.

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