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This is an important topic, given how important change seems at this moment in time. I read a long time ago how TM practitioners believed that if they could get enough people around the world practicing TM, that global peace would break out. I'm how many meditators it would take for that to happen.

We all have the responsibility to do our parts. Everytime I see my 16 month old, I'm reminded how important this is.

Bill Gardner

This is a wonderful discussion. Only one point to add: sometimes preserving things is, paradoxically, a change for the better. Think about wilderness, historic conservation, oral history. Or the many buddhists who kept the thought stream of our dharma anscestors alive.



Hmmm... I've heard of TM but I don't exactly know what it is. That is so interesting, though... I might Google around for more information.

and Bill...

Another interesting perspective... I'm wondering... Do our attempts to maintain or preserve also involve change of some sort?


Excellent post. Gets me thinking. Thank you. This is something I wrestle with but my thoughts have been brought a little more in focus.


You're welcome, Chica...



In my reading today, I found the following, by Ken Wilber in A Theory of Everything [terrible title!], pg 35 re change:[O]ne has to be willing to let go of--or die to--the present level. Perhaps one has run up against its inherent limitations or contradictions (as Hegel would say), or one is beginning to disidentify with it (as Assagioli explained), or perhaps one has just gotten tired of it. At this point, some sort of insight into the situation--insight into what one actually wants, and insight into what reality actually offers--usually helps the individual to move forward. Affirmation, volition, and the intention to change can all be parts of insight into the situation, helping to drive consciousness forward. This insight can be facilitated by introspection, by conversations with friends, by therapy, by meditation, or--more often than not, in ways that absolutely nobody understands--by simply living.

Finally, if all of these factors fall into place, then an opening to the next wave of consciousness--deeper, higher, wider, more encompassing--becomes possible.


Thanks for sharing, Tom... Sounds like an interesting book though I wouldn't know what on earth it's about going by the title.

I feel like I should know who Ken Wilbur is but where I know the name from escapes me at the moment...

This sounds a lot like what you were saying before... I'm glad you added this to the thread...

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