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The new layout is beautiful!

I have the same reactions, except mine are mainly with mosquitos, which are such a menace around my place.


Thanks Mermaid. Yeah, I agree mosquitos are a challenge. I have rather peaceful feelings towards them when they are anywhere outside my presence. They try to maime me and I'm just not as peaceful. I'd like to be... I think I should be... it's a process.


I like your blog. My experience with coming to Buddhusim is similar.. It took me years to be able to say "I'm a Buddhist!" But I'm much better now.


Thanks Gina, and welcome.


very insightful--"when we break a precept it is because we fall into a mindless state." i agree. how hard it is to be mindful all the time though. it is a process and we shouldn't judge ourselves. great blog. i just discovered it and you've earned a place in my bookmarks.


Thanks haikupoet. I agree with what you say about moving into mindfulness as a process. There is a book out there called Stumbling Toward Enlightenment, and I really think that is what we (especially as new practitioners) tend to do.

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