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This might not be the most relevant, but I've recently come across an article on Buddhistchannel.tv about the growth of African American Buddhism in America. I tought I would post a link:

African American Buddhism in America


Thanks Seekr... I will definately check this out. BTW, nothing is irrelevant. Thanks for sharing.


This is inspiring and beautiful!


How wonderful to hear your story of your daughter! And what a beautiful name too :-)

I can certainly agree with you on the centrality of patience and parenting ... and how much I've learnt from my kids ... and how much still to learn!

How old is your daughter, if I might ask?

take care, and best wishes in the Dharma


Thanks Mermaid & Chodpa...

Chodpa, to answer your question, My daughter is eight years old, going on 16.

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