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I've also been addicted to TV on and off. I would say that having a baby last summer helped a great deal. We didn't want to expose him to TV, so our consumption of TV went down to pretty much nothing, and now still a rather limited amount.

I find that after about 20 or 30 minutes of watching TV, my mood shifts dramatically downward. I become irritable, restless, anti-social, and just not much fun to be around. However, I also feel glued to the TV, and it's hard to pull myself away.

Thanks for your insight.


I hear you Matt... Limiting your child's contact with TV (and even other stuff... computers, video games, etc.) is IMHO a good thing. My daughter doesn't always like me when I tell her to turn off the TV or the GameBoy, but she honestly seems happier and more engaged when we are talking, playing board games, working on art projects, etc. Kids these days are just hard-wired into technology... I'm not afraid to pull the plug when enough is enough.


Yes, I struggle with the TV as well. I go through periods of watching and not watching. The whole reality trend has helped me because I just don't enjoy reality tv.

Good luck to you.

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